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The image portrays a team of professionals from Alderley Analytical, engaged in a discussion in a relaxed, informal setting. The group is seated across from each other on comfortable, modern furniture, fostering a sense of open dialogue and collaboration. The presence of a plant hanging overhead and the natural light from the windows contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, emphasizing a work environment that values communication and team cohesion. This scene likely represents a moment of strategic planning, idea sharing, or team building, illustrating the company's commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace culture. The diverse team, shown in professional attire, reflects a range of roles and expertise within Alderley Analytical, highlighting the multidisciplinary approach the company employs to achieve excellence in bioanalytical services. This image effectively conveys the human element of Alderley Analytical, showcasing the professionals behind the science and their collaborative efforts to drive innovation and maintain high standards in their field.
Scientist pipetting sample into test tube for biomarker analysis.

About Us

Alderley Analytical is a GLP/GCP compliant bioanalytical Contract Research Organisation (CRO), with our Head office at Alderley Park and lab operations in Tytherington in Macclesfield.

We offer a full range of bioanalytical services to support your discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development projects.

Founded in 2014, Alderley Analytical are now one of the leading bespoke providers of Bioanalysis in the UK, supporting clients’ projects from all over the world.

Our clients are typically Pharmaceutical, Biotech and other CROs; we ensure that all our clients receive the same, high-quality service irrespective of size or location globally; we provide a bespoke tailored service and consultative approach to supporting their bioanalytical needs.

Our scientific management team have a wealth of experience and have worked in senior positions in large pharmaceutical companies and top tier CROs. We understand the pressure to deliver critically important programmes and take the time to listen to your objectives then offer innovative solutions.

With a mission to support the rapid development of new drugs, we have created an agile company, responsive to client needs and where good communication is part of our DNA. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve grown quickly and have delivered a significant number of high-profile bioanalytical projects.

Whether the project that needs bioanalysis is a Small Molecule, Peptide, Oligonucleotide, Biomarker or Large Molecule project, we have the expertise and technology to deliver your project with great science, on time, to the quality needed to meet your budget.

The image shows a scientist at Alderley Analytical working with modern laboratory equipment, possibly an analytical instrument for examining samples or conducting precise measurements. The scientist, wearing a lab coat with the Alderley Analytical logo, protective eyeglasses, and a face mask, is focused on interacting with the instrument's touchscreen interface, which displays graphical data or analysis results. This scene highlights the integration of advanced technology in Alderley Analytical's laboratory processes, emphasizing the company's commitment to utilizing cutting-edge bio-analysis tools and methodologies. The scientist's presence, actively engaged with the equipment, underscores the hands-on, meticulous approach taken by the team to ensure accuracy and reliability in their research and analysis services. Personal protective equipment (PPE) reflects the importance of safety and professionalism within the laboratory environment. This image conveys Alderley Analytical's dedication to high standards of scientific excellence and innovation in breakthrough bioanalysis.
Alderly Analytical logo as a background shape

Our Team

The team at Alderley Analytical have a wealth of expertise from working in large pharmaceutical companies and top tier CROs. We have a strong board underpinned by a solid management team who will work to ensure your bioanalytical needs are delivered on time to budget using the best science.

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The image captures a moment of interaction among team members at Alderley Analytical. It features the company's CEO and co-founder, Paul Holme, conversing with colleagues—Paul Holme gestures in a welcoming or explanatory manner, suggesting that a discussion or presentation occurs. The setting is bright and modern, possibly within the company's premises, indicating a professional yet open atmosphere conducive to communication and collaboration. This scene illustrates Paul Holme's hands-on leadership approach, highlighting the importance of direct engagement and communication within the company. The presence of other team members in the discussion emphasizes the collaborative environment at Alderley Analytical, where ideas and strategies are shared openly among colleagues, including leadership. This interaction showcases the company's culture of inclusivity and teamwork and leadership's pivotal role in fostering a positive and productive work environment.

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