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The image showcases a close-up view of a scientist's hand, gloved in blue, carefully placing or retrieving a vial into a centrifuge. The centrifuge appears to be a high-precision laboratory equipment, used for separating substances based on density by spinning them at high speed. The scientist is wearing a white lab coat, indicating a professional laboratory setting. This scene captures a moment of meticulous laboratory work, emphasizing the expertise and precision in bioanalysis. It highglights the company's focus on high-quality, precise analytical services in the field of bioanalysis.

About Us

Alderley Analytical is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO). Specialising in bioanalytical services to support your drug development programmes through discovery, pre-clinical safety testing and clinical development. Whether it’s a small molecule, peptide, oligonucleotide or large molecule we have a wealth of experience to support your project.

The image depicts a male scientist conducting an experiment or analysis in a bright, modern laboratory setting. He is dressed in a white lab coat, safety glasses for eye protection, and purple gloves, indicating adherence to standard safety protocols. The scientist is focused on pipetting a liquid into a test tube, a common laboratory technique for transferring measured volumes of liquids. Around him, there are multiple brown glass vials arranged neatly, likely containing samples or reagents, and various pieces of laboratory equipment, suggesting a well-equipped and professional environment. This setting underscores the

Our Pharmaceutical, Biotech and CRO clients have discovered that keeping their bioanalysis with one provider for the duration of their project means fewer laboratory transfers and no loss of bioanalytical knowledge of the molecule. By simplifying this process, it means fewer complications helping the rapid development of new drugs. We take a flexible and responsive approach, using our collective expertise to develop novel bioanalytical methods and deliver your results on-time to the right quality. We also pride ourselves on excellent communication; you’ll find us easy to get hold of and we stay in touch, even if there’s no news to report.

This image features a scientist working in a sophisticated laboratory setting, surrounded by advanced analytical equipment. The scientist, dressed in a white lab coat, safety glasses, and purple gloves, is seated in front of a chromatography system, a crucial tool in the separation, identification, and quantification of chemical components. He appears to be adjusting settings or analyzing data on a computer connected to the chromatography equipment, indicating the integration of technology and science in modern analytical methods. The laboratory is equipped with various high-tech instruments, suggesting a focus on precision and efficiency in analytical testing. This environment highlights the complexity of bioanalytical research and the importance of cutting-edge technology in obtaining accurate and reliable results. This scene underscores Alderley Analytical's commitment to utilizing advanced technologies and methodologies to meet the demands of bioanalytical testing. It reflects the company's emphasis on quality, innovation, and expertise in the field, showcasing their capability to handle complex analytical challenges with precision and professionalism.

As a GLP and GCP accredited laboratory, we can offer regulatory compliance where needed and are able to validate bioanalytical methods and deliver bioanalytical results to current regulatory guidelines. Get in touch to discuss your bioanalysis requirements today.

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Our Technology

This image showcases a Sciex mass spectrometer, a sophisticated analytical instrument used in scientific labs. The device is designed for the detection, identification, and quantification of molecules in complex mixtures. Mass spectrometry is a crucial tool in various fields such as bioanalysis, pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, and more. The image captures the instrument's sleek design and advanced technology, emphasizing its capability to provide precise and accurate analysis. The visible indicators and controls suggest user-friendly operation, while the connection ports hint at the instrument's ability to interface with other lab equipment for comprehensive analytical workflows.
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    Mass Spectrometry

    Alderley Analytical has state of the art Mass Spectrometers all integrated with UHPLC capability. Both Waters and Sciex instruments are installed and validated within our laboratories.

  • This image presents an icon representing a ligand binding assay, commonly used in biochemistry and pharmacology to study interactions between a protein and a ligand. The icon features a rectangular petri dish filled with multiple round samples, symbolized by circles with central dots, and a magnifying glass focusing on a specific area of the dish, highlighting the examination and analysis aspect of the assay. This graphical representation is indicative of meticulous scrutiny, precision in detection, and the specific targeting of interactions at a molecular level, which are crucial aspects of ligand binding assays.

    Ligand Binding Assays

    Alderley Analytical have a strong Immunoassay capability. Instrumentation includes Molecular Devices 96 well plate readers for standard EIA/ELISA and ECLIA is served by MSD readers for singleplex and multiplex analyses.

  • This image showcases an icon representing an environmental monitoring service, encapsulated within a circular outline. The icon is a simplified depiction of a thermometer, marked with scale lines to indicate temperature measurements. This visual metaphor highlights the importance of temperature regulation and monitoring within various environments, suggesting precision, control, and surveillance for maintaining optimal conditions

    Environmental Monitoring System

    All our storage units (-80, -20 and 4°C) and our laboratories are monitored 24/7 by our central Contronics environmental monitoring system. If the temperature of any of our facilities falls out of specification, our team are alerted immediately to allow the situation to be rectified.

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    General Laboratory Equipment

    Our laboratories contain all the standard equipment you would expect to see in a busy, state of the art CRO.

  • This image depicts an icon symbolizing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), illustrated within a web browser frame. Two interconnected gears, representing integration and automation of lab processes, are prominently featured in the center. The use of gears within a browser frame visually communicates the concept of technological solutions for managing complex laboratory workflows and data digitally.

    Laboratory LIMS

    We have the Thermo Fisher WATSON bioanalytical LIMS system installed and validated across our laboratories.

This image captures a close-up, blurred background view of several clear plastic bottles with blue caps, connected by a transparent tubing system. This setup is typical in laboratory environments for various purposes, including the transfer of liquids, gases, or for setup in automated analytical processes. The focus on the blue caps and the tubing suggests a detail-oriented perspective on the equipment used in scientific experiments or production processes. The clarity and simplicity of the image emphasize cleanliness, organization, and precision, qualities essential in laboratory settings to ensure accurate results and maintain a contamination-free environment. Such imagery could be used to convey Alderley Analytical's attention to detail and commitment to maintaining high standards in their laboratory practices. It subtly underscores the advanced technological and procedural measures implemented to ensure the integrity and reliability of their bioanalytical services.

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