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Our laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure the highest standards of bioanalysis for small molecules, large molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides and biomarkers. We continually invest in the very latest technology and software solutions allowing us to confidently quantify your molecule in the most complex of biological samples.

  • 80 freezers our technology

    Sample Storage

    Samples can be stored at -80°C, -20°C, 4°C or at ambient temperature. All our storage areas are monitored continuously with our Contronics environmental monitoring system which monitors the temperatures 24/7

  • TQS mass spectrometry our technology

    Mass Spectrometry

    Alderley Analytical has state of the art Mass Spectrometers all integrated with UHPLC capability. Both Waters and Sciex instruments are installed and validated within our laboratories.

  • ELISA mass spectrometer our technology

    Ligand Binding Assays

    Alderley Analytical have a strong Immunoassay capability. Instrumentation includes Molecular Devices, 96 well plate readers for standard EIA/ELISA, and ECLIA is served by MSD readers for singleplex and multiplex analyses.

  • thermo scientific watson LIMS software

    Laboratory Lims

    We have the Thermo Fisher WATSON bioanalytical LIMS system installed and validated across our laboratories.

  • temperature monitor our technology

    Environmental Monitoring System

    All our storage units (-80°C, -20°C, 4°C) and our laboratories are monitored 24/7 by our central Contronics® environmental monitoring system. If the temperature of any of our facilities falls out of specification, our team are alerted immediately to allow the situation to be rectified.

  • centrifuge our technology

    General Laboratory Equipment

    Our laboratories contain all the standard equipment you would expect to see in a busy bioanalytical laboratory.

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