Our Technology

Close-up of a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment featuring a vibrant blue and grey color scheme. The focus is on the intricate details of the machinery, including warning labels, control knobs, and the instrument's interface. This image showcases the advanced technological capabilities available at Alderley Analytical for conducting precise and reliable bioanalytical studies.

State of the
art technology

Our laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment, to ensure the highest standards of bioanalysis for small molecules, large molecules, peptides, oligonucleotides and biomarkers. We continually invest in the very latest technology and software solutions allowing us to confidently quantify your molecule in the most complex of biological samples.

  • Modern storage facility corridor with advanced scientific instruments for sample storage.

    Sample Storage

    Samples can be stored at -80°C, -20°C, 4°C or at ambient temperature. All our storage areas are monitored continuously with our Contronics environmental monitoring system which monitors the temperatures 24/7

  • A close-up view of Alderley Analytical's TQS mass spectrometry equipment, highlighting the advanced technology and precision tools at the laboratory's disposal. The focused lighting casts a soft glow on the sophisticated machinery, showcasing its intricate details and robust design. This image conveys the high-quality analytical capabilities available at Alderley Analytical for complex bioanalytical assays, emphasizing the lab's dedication to leveraging state-of-the-art instrumentation for groundbreaking research and accurate results.

    Mass Spectrometry

    Alderley Analytical has state of the art Mass Spectrometers all integrated with UHPLC capability. Both Waters and Sciex instruments are installed and validated within our laboratories.

  • A vivid depiction of a microplate loaded with samples for analysis, positioned within the ELISA mass spectrometer at Alderley Analytical. The bright pink solutions in each well highlight the careful preparation and precise addition of reagents, essential for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) process. This image captures a moment of scientific exploration, underscoring Alderley Analytical's commitment to utilizing leading-edge technology to perform highly sensitive and specific assays for protein quantification and detection.

    Ligand Binding Assays

    Alderley Analytical have a strong Immunoassay capability. Instrumentation includes Molecular Devices, 96 well plate readers for standard EIA/ELISA, and ECLIA is served by MSD readers for singleplex and multiplex analyses.

  • Promotional image showcasing the Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS Software, highlighted by its logo and molecular structures in various shades of blue, symbolizing the software's capacity for intricate data management in bioanalytical environments. This powerful Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is installed and validated across Alderley Analytical’s laboratories, representing a cornerstone of their commitment to precision, efficiency, and quality in the bioanalytical testing process.

    Laboratory Lims

    We have the Thermo Fisher WATSON bioanalytical LIMS system installed and validated across our laboratories.

  • Close-up view of an environmental monitoring system's digital display, showcasing a present temperature of -78°C against a target temperature of -80°C. This image illustrates part of Alderley Analytical's state-of-the-art Contronics® environmental monitoring system. It's utilized to ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive storage units (-80°C, -20°C, 4°C) and laboratory conditions. The system facilitates 24/7 monitoring, with instant alerts to the team for any deviations, ensuring the highest standards of sample preservation and integrity.

    Environmental Monitoring System

    All our storage units (-80°C, -20°C, 4°C) and our laboratories are monitored 24/7 by our central Contronics® environmental monitoring system. If the temperature of any of our facilities falls out of specification, our team are alerted immediately to allow the situation to be rectified.

  • cA technician’s gloved hand is shown placing a test tube into the rotor of a centrifuge, part of the essential standard equipment within Alderley Analytical's modern bioanalytical laboratory. The centrifuge is used to separate compounds based on density, critical for sample preparation and analysis. The image conveys the precision and attention to detail characteristic of the laboratory's work environment.

    General Laboratory Equipment

    Our laboratories contain all the standard equipment you would expect to see in a busy bioanalytical laboratory.

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