Reliable Sample Storage Services

Modern storage facility corridor with advanced scientific instruments for sample storage.

Alderley Analytical has a dedicated storage facility to ensure your samples are stored correctly and the integrity of the samples are maintained.

When we validate an assay for you we will assess the stability of your molecule in the biological matrix at different conditions, if needed we will also develop a way of stabilising your samples so you are fully informed on how to store and transport your samples to maintain the sample integrity

Samples can be stored at -80°C, -20°C, 4°C or at ambient temperature. All our storage areas are monitored continuously with our Contronics® environmental monitoring system which monitors the temperatures 24/7, this system will alert our team to any problem with temperatures in our storage facilities so it can be resolved quickly.

We also have a partnership with a local biological sample storage provider who can provide business continuity support and overflow capacity if needed.

Discover our Formulation Analysis services requiring specialised Sample Storage, and see how Sample Storage supports Clinical Bioanalysis.

Close-up view of a laboratory technician's hands, wearing blue gloves, meticulously organizing and labeling sample vials in a white storage box. The vials, capped with rubber stoppers, are part of Alderley Analytical's comprehensive sample management system. This image highlights the precision and care taken in handling and cataloging samples to ensure their integrity and traceability in the laboratory.
High-capacity freezers for secure sample storage at various temperatures.
Hand in blue protective glove carefully placing a frozen sample box into a designated compartment within a large, frost-covered storage unit. The image demonstrates the meticulous handling and secure storage conditions provided by Alderley Analytical for sample preservation at extremely low temperatures, ensuring the integrity and reliability of samples for analytical processing.