A dedicated researcher at Alderley Analytical is deeply engaged in toxicokinetic data analysis, utilizing advanced software on dual monitors to ensure precise and accurate results. This image highlights the meticulous attention to detail and the high-tech environment that supports cutting-edge toxicokinetic studies.
The image depicts a male scientist conducting an experiment or analysis in a bright, modern laboratory setting. He is dressed in a white lab coat, safety glasses for eye protection, and purple gloves, indicating adherence to standard safety protocols. The scientist is focused on pipetting a liquid into a test tube, a common laboratory technique for transferring measured volumes of liquids. Around him, there are multiple brown glass vials arranged neatly, likely containing samples or reagents, and various pieces of laboratory equipment, suggesting a well-equipped and professional environment. This setting underscores the

Primary Objective of Toxicokinetics

Toxicokinetics is defined as the generation of pharmacokinetic data, either as an integral component in the conduct of preclinical toxicity studies.

The primary objective of toxicokinetics is to describe the systemic exposure achieved and its relationship to dose level and the time course of the toxicity study.

A scientist at Alderley Analytical intently monitors toxicokinetic assay data on a large screen in the laboratory, surrounded by advanced analytical instruments. This setup underscores the company's commitment to delivering precise and reliable bioanalytical results through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Alderley Analytical have specific software validated within the laboratories to calculate the toxicokinetic parameters derived from your bioanalytical data and we have the expertise to interpret the data to support your preclinical study.

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