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Many biotech, pharma, CROs and other organisations around the world rely on Alderley Analytical for bioanalytical services, from discovery research through GLP regulatory pre-clinical studies to supporting early and late-stage clinical development projects. Our full service offering means you can keep your bioanalysis studies with us throughout all the stages of your drug development programme without having to transfer assays when you switch pre-clinical or clinical providers. This reduces any loss of knowledge, proving more cost effective over time and removes risk and hassle from your process.

We see ourselves as a one-stop-shop for bioanalysis, we have the expertise and technology to support your molecule whether it is a Small Molecule, Peptide, Oligonucleotide, or Protein Biotherapeutic.

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    Clinical Services

    We provide a GLP compliant clinical bioanalysis service to support your drug molecule as it enters the clinical development phase of the drug discovery process.

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    Pre-Clinical Services

    We offer a non-regulatory and fully compliant regulatory service to meet all of your needs to support the bioanalysis of your molecule through the pre-clinical phase.

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