Clinical Bioanalysis

Close-up view of a gloved hand holding a test tube filled with a crimson-coloured liquid, set against a laboratory backdrop with soft focus. The test tube is carefully placed into a rack with several other samples, showcasing the meticulous sample preparation process in a bioanalytical laboratory. This image symbolizes the precision, cleanliness, and attention to detail paramount in Alderley Analytical's processes, reflecting their commitment to accuracy and quality in bioanalytical testing.

Alderley Analytical are experts in clinical bioanalysis. If your compound is moving from preclinical development into the clinic, you need robust bioanalytical assays to provide you with reliable data to support your molecule in the clinic.

We offer a fully GCP compliant regulatory service to meet all of your needs to support the bioanalysis of your molecule through the clinical phase of testing.

The dose levels as you enter the clinic can be low. We have the most sensitive instrumentation to detect your molecule down to very low levels suitable for the clinical project.

The image presents a focused view of a scientist working within a laboratory environment, absorbed in reading or entering data on a smartphone or a small handheld device. The scientist is dressed in a lab coat, indicating a professional setting, and safety glasses, emphasizing the importance of safety precautions in the lab. The blurred effect, particularly around the edges and on the equipment in the foreground, suggests a focused depth of field, drawing attention to the scientist's concentration on the task at hand. This photograph captures the integration of modern technology in scientific research, illustrating how digital tools and connectivity are essential components of contemporary laboratory work. The use of a smartphone or handheld device in the lab setting could be for a variety of purposes, including accessing research data, controlling laboratory equipment remotely, or communicating with team members. The image subtly underscores the multitasking and technologically savvy nature of today's scientists, reflecting the evolving landscape of research where traditional laboratory practices meet cutting-edge technology.
A dedicated scientist at Alderley Analytical meticulously calibrates a state-of-the-art analytical instrument, demonstrating the precision and attention to detail vital for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of bioanalytical results. This moment highlights the intersection of expertise and technology in advancing scientific research.
The image showcases a scientist at work in a laboratory, focused on pipetting a sample into a microtiter plate, which is commonly used for serial dilutions, assays, and various other biochemical tests. The plate rests on a bed of ice within a metal tray, suggesting that the samples require temperature control to maintain their integrity during processing. The scientist is dressed in a lab coat and gloves, following standard safety protocols, and wears a protective mask, indicating adherence to stringent health and safety guidelines. This setting highlights the meticulous and precise nature of laboratory work, with the scientist carefully administering each sample to ensure accurate results. The background is filled with laboratory supplies and equipment, reflecting a well-equipped and professional environment. Such an image on a website page dedicated to detailing bioanalytical services conveys the company's commitment to precision, expertise, and the use of state-of-the-art technology in their analytical processes. It underscores Alderley Analytical's capability to handle complex biological samples under controlled conditions, emphasizing their thoroughness and dedication to delivering high-quality bioanalytical data.
A laboratory technician at Alderley Analytical is shown carefully loading samples into a centrifuge for processing. This crucial step ensures samples are prepared with the utmost precision, contributing to the high-quality bioanalysis the laboratory is known for. The technician's focus and the detail of the procedure underscore the meticulous nature of scientific work.
  • Biomarkers

    Alderley Analytical has both single and multiplex technology to determine the the levels of soluble biomarkers in clinical samples.

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  • Immunogenicity

    Our immunogenicity group can look after the needs for your clinical study. Alderley Analytical offer anti-drug antibody (ADA) screening, confirmation and titre analysis.

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  • GCP Regulatory Bioanalysis

    We offer a fully compliant bioanalytical service to fully support the regulatory bioanalytical needs for clinical studies as part of your drug development program. Understand our GCP Regulatory Bioanalysis in clinical trials.

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  • GLP Regulatory Bioanalysis

    From GLP to Clinical: Explore our bioanalytical continuum.

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