Comprehensive Clinical Bioanalysis Services

Blood samples in test tubes for clinical bioanalysis services.

Alderley Analytical are experts in clinical bioanalysis. If your compound is moving from preclinical development into the clinic, you need robust bioanalytical assays to provide you with reliable data to support your molecule in the clinic.

We offer a fully GCP compliant regulatory service to meet all of your needs to support the bioanalysis of your molecule through the clinical phase of testing.

The dose levels as you enter the clinic can be low. We have the most sensitive instrumentation to detect your molecule down to very low levels suitable for the clinical project.

Scientist performing clinical bioanalysis in a lab
Female scientist using advanced equipment for clinical bioanalysis
Scientist analyzing soluble biomarkers in clinical samples
  • Biomarkers

    Alderley Analytical has both single and multiplex technology to determine the the levels of soluble biomarkers in clinical samples.

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  • Immunogenicity

    Our immunogenicity group can look after the needs for your clinical study. Alderley Analytical offer anti-drug antibody (ADA) screening, confirmation and titre analysis.

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  • GCP Regulatory Bioanalysis

    We offer a fully compliant bioanalytical service to fully support the regulatory bioanalytical needs for clinical studies as part of your drug development program. Understand our GCP Regulatory Bioanalysis in clinical trials.

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  • GLP Regulatory Bioanalysis

    From GLP to Clinical: Explore our bioanalytical continuum.

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