Alderley Analytical and Concept Life Sciences

The image portrays a team of professionals from Alderley Analytical, engaged in a discussion in a relaxed, informal setting. The group is seated across from each other on comfortable, modern furniture, fostering a sense of open dialogue and collaboration. The presence of a plant hanging overhead and the natural light from the windows contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, emphasizing a work environment that values communication and team cohesion. This scene likely represents a moment of strategic planning, idea sharing, or team building, illustrating the company's commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace culture. The diverse team, shown in professional attire, reflects a range of roles and expertise within Alderley Analytical, highlighting the multidisciplinary approach the company employs to achieve excellence in bioanalytical services. This image effectively conveys the human element of Alderley Analytical, showcasing the professionals behind the science and their collaborative efforts to drive innovation and maintain high standards in their field.
Graphic announcement showcasing a partnership between Concept Life Sciences and Alderley Analytical to provide bioanalytical and DMPK services. The image features both companies' logos—Concept Life Sciences with its vibrant, multicolored logo emphasizing 'DELIVERING SCIENCE,' and Alderley Analytical with its molecular structure logo and tagline 'BREAKTHROUGH BIOANALYSIS.' Below, a banner in matching orange highlights the collaborative effort, indicating a significant step forward in their shared mission to advance scientific discovery and development.

Partners providing bioanalytical and DMPK services

Concept Life Sciences (“Concept”), the integrated drug discovery, development and analytical services company, and Alderley Analytical, the GLP/GCP compliant, bioanalytical Contract Research Organisation (CRO), today announced they have signed a partnership agreement to provide high-value bioanalytical and DMPK study services.

Under the terms of the agreement, Concept will gain access to Alderley Analytical’s significant expertise in bioanalysis, and Alderley Analytical will benefit from Concept’s deep understanding of synthetic, organic and medicinal chemistry, biology, toxicology, and analytical services. The combined offering will give clients of both companies, including biotech, pharma and agrochemicals companies, access to industry-leading assay development services for quantification of new molecules in a biological matrix, using the most sensitive instrumentation available.

Michael Fort, Executive Chairman, Concept Life Sciences, commented: “The team at Alderley Analytical has built an impressive reputation for delivery of the highest quality GLP/GCP bioanalytical services. Combining this offering with our Group’s expertise, including the recent additions of translational biology and large molecule research, brings benefits to the widest group of life sciences clients.”

 Liz Thomas, CEO, Alderley Analytical, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Concept Life Sciences group at this stage in our company’s development. Concept’s size, business development network and complementary scientific capability will make the enhanced service offering highly attractive and beneficial to a wide group of national and international clients.’’

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