Alderley Analytical Relocates to Larger Laboratory to Support Business Growth

The image portrays a team of professionals from Alderley Analytical, engaged in a discussion in a relaxed, informal setting. The group is seated across from each other on comfortable, modern furniture, fostering a sense of open dialogue and collaboration. The presence of a plant hanging overhead and the natural light from the windows contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, emphasizing a work environment that values communication and team cohesion. This scene likely represents a moment of strategic planning, idea sharing, or team building, illustrating the company's commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace culture. The diverse team, shown in professional attire, reflects a range of roles and expertise within Alderley Analytical, highlighting the multidisciplinary approach the company employs to achieve excellence in bioanalytical services. This image effectively conveys the human element of Alderley Analytical, showcasing the professionals behind the science and their collaborative efforts to drive innovation and maintain high standards in their field.
Close-up of laboratory equipment in the newly moved Alderley Analytical lab, featuring precision instruments and several chemical bottles. The setup reflects the state-of-the-art facilities that support the company's business growth and expansion in bioanalytical services. The background reveals a spacious, modern laboratory environment, symbolizing Alderley Analytical's commitment to innovation and high-quality research.

New laboratory alert

Following a number of new business wins and growth from existing clients, bioanalysis lab Alderley Analytical have moved to a new laboratory on the Alderley Park, Macclesfield campus.

The new laboratory doubles their available space to 3,200 sq ft providing more laboratory and office space for the growing team. The new laboratory includes a sample receipt and sample storage area, along with a state-of-the-art sample processing and mass spectrometry laboratory. The company anticipates further growth in 2018, with room now available to add to the current number of mass spectrometers.

The 1,200 sq ft of office space houses the Quality Assurance team and includes a dedicated data store and archive.

Alderley Analytical Founder and Operations Director, Paul Holme commented, “We are committed to our Alderley Park base and were delighted to move into a bigger lab ahead of our projected business timescale. Our increased capacity is great news for clients and the scientists working in the lab.”

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