Proud to collaborate in exploring an alternative COVID-19 testing method

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Image showcasing the logos of the University of Leicester, Ghent University, and Waters Corporation, representing a proud collaboration with Alderley Analytical. This partnership aims to explore an alternative COVID-19 testing method, demonstrating a commitment to advancing scientific research and public health initiatives. Each logo symbolizes the unique contribution and expertise of the involved parties, from academic research to analytical technologies.

Exploring an alternate testing method for COVID-19

Alderley Analytical are proud to collaborate with University of Leicester, Ghent University and Waters in exploring an alternate testing method for COVID-19. We provided our specialist bioanalytical services and produced data in our state-of-the-art laboratory to support a novel analytical approach. This promising method explored the potential for LC-MS high-throughput targeted proteomics methods to detect Covid-19.

We recognise the critical role efficient mass testing could have, and this interesting exercise could be the start of a new route for fast, reliable and cost effective techniques for Covid-19 detection.

We would like to thank our fellow collaborators for their contributions to this innovative research. For more information on our services or to discuss your bioanalysis requirements, please get in touch.

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